What is the Cambodia e-Visa?

The Cambodia e-Visa is a single-entry travel permit that allows the holder to stay in the Kingdom for 30 days in Cambodia. The e-Visa system has been operating in Cambodia since 2006 and allows eligible travellers to obtain their visa online. The approved Cambodian e-Visa remains valid for 90 days from the day it is issued and is processed within three working days of submitting the application online. Eligible travellers can visit Cambodia with an approved e-Visa for leisure or transit purposes, including holidays, visits to friends or family, or to stop over in Cambodia on their way to another country.

Requirements for the Cambodia e-Visa

Documents required The Cambodian government requires that e-visa applicants submit the following documents with their online application:
  • A passport valid for a minimum of six months from the date of arrival in Cambodia.
  • A photo of the applicant’s face (which can be easily taken using a phone or computer camera).
Please ensure that you check the validity of your passport and that the photo you submit is clear, not blurry and not overexposed. Technical requirements There are also some technical requirements that all applicants must meet, including having :
  • An active email address – to receive the Cambodian eVisa issued in PDF format.
  • internet connection – to complete the application process online
  • Access to online payment – to cover the cost of issuing the Cambodia eVisa.

Step-by-step guide to applying for a Cambodia e-Visa

When to submit the application online The application for a Cambodia e-Visa must be submitted within three working days to allow the Cambodian government to process it in a timely manner. How to apply To complete the Cambodia e-Visa application process, follow these three steps:
  1. Complete the online application form – provide the necessary details of your intended trip to Cambodia and provide basic personal and contact information in the online application form.
  2. Check the details given to ensure that each information provided is correct.
  3. Using the online payment method of your choice, pay the Cambodia e-Visa issuance fee and check your mailbox for the confirmation email.
  4. Wait for your application to be processed by the Cambodian authorities and check your mailbox for the arrival of the approved document in PDF format.
Make sure that the data you submit in the application form is correct and up to date, this should help you avoid any unwanted delays or approval issues.

Use and validity of the eVisa for Cambodia

Using the eVisa for Cambodia The approved Cambodian e-visa can be used for tourism and transit purposes, including:
  • Going on holiday
  • Taking a relaxing trip to Cambodia
  • Visiting friends and family
  • Stopover in Cambodia on the way to another final destination.

Validity of the Cambodia eVisa

The validity period of the eVisa for Cambodia is three months (90 days) from the day of issue. The three-month validity period allows for a 30-day visit to Cambodia. Please ensure that you check the validity of your passport, as it must not expire during your entire visit to Cambodia.